Vulnerable Others

This is my vulnerable other; my incredible dad. He likes to find the fun in situations of adversity. I’m thinking and feeling for all of us who have older or vulnerable loved ones in the unseen war we are all facing.

My dad is currently in hospital and the hospital has stopped all visiting. Of course this is to protect, but I know how important seeing familiar faces is when you are ill. I’m wondering how best we can protect and support our vulnerable loved ones. I know there are many thousands in this unfortunate position of uncertainty. Phone calls, video calls, messages of support.

My Dad is a fighter, and he constantly reminds me that there are many times in life when we need to fight. Fighting right now looks like social distancing. It means not coming together in the communities and places that support us. It means not encouraging people to come together.

I understand the severity social distancing has for many businesses, I lost 100% of my income within a week. But this is a time for collective action, which for many means incomprehensible loss.

So the next time you moan about your yoga studio closing or your favourite coffee shop only offering take away, think of your vulnerable others. They are the ones that needs us to social distance the most.

Keep your distance…up your econnection.