Structure In A Time of Crisis

A word of advice…in these times of crisis what we all need to do is maintain structure where and when we can. Structure is a familiar friend that creates familiarity in this unknown world.  Right now I think you will agree that most of our worlds feel more unfamiliar than ever.  The main workings of our societies have been removed and replaced with strangeness and uncertainty.  In these conditions, my best advice to you is to find structure.  Here is my list of things to do to create more structure in a world filled by COVID-19:

  • Get up at a regular time – Yes you might not be working and have no commute to make, but lying around in your PJs everyday is not going to help the lethargy that is bound to come from prolonged isolation and confinement.  Get up at a consistent time as if you were going to work/study.
  • Brush your teeth and shower as your normally would – Sounds basic, but it will be tempting to do your daily hygiene later in the day.  Which will probably to lead to sitting around in your PJs.  Cleaning as you normally would will help to keep your day more productive and structured.
  • Get your daily dose of nature – Get out in nature when you can.  I’m currently at my Mum’s house and have been enjoying walking Jasper, her adorable Shitzu, in the park daily.
  • Exercise – Walk, run, workout, yoga, HIIT.  Whatever your preferred form of exercise is, keep it up.  There are so many online platforms to keep you entertained.  If your studio/gym is responsibly closing down during this period see if they are operating an online platform.  If they are and you can financially do so, continue your membership.  They need your support.  I’m sending out regular newsletters with free prerecorded online classes, sign up here if you would like to receive these.
  • Downtime – You might feel that you are getting too much downtime, but we are all in an intense world right now.  Walk, sit, meditate, take a bath.  Find moments when you decide to relax.
  • Regular sleeping patterns – Getting up at a regular time requires going to sleep at a regular time.  No all night Netflix binges.  Get some solid shut eye!
  • Don’t over indulge in the media – You need to keep informed more now than ever, especially when things seem to change significantly on a daily basis.  But, it can be tempting to watch your news channel all day long.  Monitor your media time.  Also change up your media sources; read a different online paper, watch a different news station.  We need to be informed but in a well rounded manner.
  • Grow something – a plant, vegetable, your journal, you hair.  Watching something grow and evolve will remind you that everything changes, eventually.  Currently I’m working on growing a moustache. I will call it my COVID-19, 70s gay phase after all this is done I’m sure.

Stay safe people, keep your distance whilst connecting when you can.