Dating In the Times of Corona

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For a long time now I’ve been interested in connection; how we do it, how we avoid it, how it makes us feel. In times of corona there is a weird time/space compression and expansion. It can make us feel more connected and simultaneously more cut off from the world.

I’m currently researching dating in the times of corona for an academic project (and a personal blog post about my own ‘corona-dating’ experiences). How can we date during the pandemic? How does corona affect our romantic sociality, our sexuality?

I’m particularly interested in how dating apps (#Grindr #Tinder etc) are handling the pandemic. Dating apps are built around journeying towards physical/sexual connection. Currently more than a third of the worlds population are in some form of ‘lockdown’ where physical distancing measures are in place. Essentially, laws are in place that prohibit in-person dating.

How are dating apps navigating this problem? Will there be a new ‘first-base’ that happens digitally before we even meet a person in real-life? Is sexuality going to become pixelated, literally? Are our sexual bodies simply becoming data bodies?

Questions…curiosity…It’s an interesting time, but of course also a deeply saddening one that is playing out and effecting us all. If you have any comments, experiences or photos (not that kind!) that you would like to share about your cyber dating experience in the times of corona email me –

Thanks. Happy (dis)connecting!